Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Review - An Excellent Tower Defense Game

When creating a sequel, developers must be careful about adding enough new content to justify a whole new game while leaving in enough of the original game to avoid losing fans of the series. With Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Google Play, App Store), Uruguay-based Ironhide Game Studio has handled this task deftly, forming a great balance between old and new. The sequel enjoys enough additions and improvements to make it feel fresh and exciting while the core gameplay is the same as the original — and that’s a good thing because the original Kingdom Rush was awesome. Read More

Monday, April 8, 2013

Throne of Myth « Browser Game -

Throne of Myth is a browser-based MMORPG from 5 Guild, a global web/browser games publisher specializing in browser games. In the game, there are four main classes – Berserker, Archer, Dancer,and Monk. Each of them has special talents. Players can strengthen their main char through spirit training, quest exploring and skill learning. Meanwhile, players can make new friends, participate in various social events and team up to fight against monsters and NPC bosses.

Throne of Myth « Browser Game -

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mythic Saga Review - Any Online

Mythic Saga Review - Any Online

You wake up from a long sleep in the fantasy Skyland, with a blank memory about the past. To restore memory and find out the myth around the land, you need to start from the first skills and quests, and grow stronger to rise as a heavenly Saint with great prowess and goodness. Thusly, you start your adventure as a warrior, an assassin, a mage or a priest in Mythic Saga, a fantasy MMO made for players in Southeast Asia.

You will recognize the oriental ambience immediately from the designs of the in-game characters and maps as well as background music played with traditional Chinese stringed instruments. As you travel around in the game, you can catch sight of oriental scenery here and there: the Taoist NPCs with calabash on the back, the lotus pond, the blossoming peach tree, the pavilions, the Chinese red lantern and so on and so forth.

You can choose one of four character classes, classic and typical archetypes. If you would like to try them all out, you can freely do that, since the game offers four free character slots for each player. The choice of classes will decide your skill tree, equipment and weapons in the following gameplay, but influences little of the quest types and storytelling. Whatever your choice is, you will enter a vague story about the twelve saints, great wars in the past and conflicts between the Luna and Sol sects, which is pieced up by the scripts of quests you take.

Quests include the common types, which may send you to learn the basics and features such as skills, enhancement of equipment, zodiac training, mount, Five Elements and Relics, etc., to help the villagers rid of certain marauding monster, to escort someone or something to another NPC, or to collect certain materials in the field or by killing mobs. Doing quests is one of the major channel to level up, gaining better equipment, learning new skills and unlocking more playable contents. It is effortless to take quests due to the auto-pathfinding design and optional auto combat. The equipment is as much effective, with newly gained gears and weapons automatically popping up as reminders. As in most Asian MMO games, you can level up pretty fast to always head to something new in the game.

You can learn one new skill or upgrade an old one every two levels, which will be automatically placed or upgraded in the hotkey. Better skills allow you to take on multiple monsters simultaneously with greater visual effects correspondingly, which acts as a kind of incentive to drive you forward alongside the skill tree. Beyond the traditional skill tree, you can utilize several other buildups to develop your characters, which include Zodiac training with energy gained from mediation or use of items, Elemental upgrade with five types of orbs and Blessedness to influence gear enhancement, imbues and inscriptions and so on.

As you level up, you will have your mount to boost traveling and aid in battles, Relic to protect you in battles and grow with you, and wings to strengthen your power; and you will also gain access to instanced dungeons, join a guild and unlock other forms of quests, such as Bounty quests, Package quests and guild events which will offer hefty piles of coins and EXP. You can accept 4 bounty quests or issue 6 bounty tasks for others to complete every day, for instance, and you can join guild members to hunt down monsters for items, feed the adopted monsters by guild, or compete to be the top five in daily guild quests.

Monsters, be they in the wild or in instances, are not aggressive, which means they won’t initiate attack if you leave them alone. While you can handle with those in the wild alone, it is more comfy to group up with others to explore dungeons, as monsters there are usually with higher health points. Such a group is usually temporary but a good opportunity to make friends. Besides, you can form a Party with other four players, or a Raid with five more. Moreover, another form of relationship, mentor-apprentice, allows you to gain benefits by completing main quests together no matter whether you are the mentor or the disciple.

Mythic Saga is fully-featured with almost all MMO mainstays implemented in the casual gameplay. Almost everything from the equipment and skills to mount and Relic are upgradable, and every character archetype can be fully developed due to the many build-up features. It has a high level cap for you to reach, endless activities to engage, and something fresh to discover.